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Lingual braces


Lingual bracesThe so-called lingual technique is one of the most cutting-edge and successful methods of treatment which is applied nowadays in orthodontics. Lingual braces, which are usually placed on the outside surface of the teeth, are placed on the inside of your teeth – thus, they are truly invisible from the front!

In order to permanently and accurately correct your malocclusion, your orthodontist Dr Taghavi at the specialist orthodontic practice HH-Zahnspange in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel offers lingual systems and other appliances of top-notch manufacturers. This is a method gentle on your teeth, which renders successful results already after a short period of time.

Lingual braces are a form of orthodontic treatment which are efficient and at the same time aesthetic for adults in particular, and which can quite easily be integrated in your everyday life: whether in your professional life or in private – the fixed braces on the inside of your teeth are practically invisible from the front!

Are malocclusion corrections dependent on age?

To let your teeth be corrected inconspicuously and efficiently, no matter at what age – that is the true beauty of it. Our specialist orthodontic team puts great emphasis on methods of treatment gentle on the teeth as well as on providing individual care to our customers, tailored to their needs.

Our specialist orthodontist Dr Taghavi will furnish customized solutions for you to put your entire dental system in balance and harmony.

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